At first it seemed to be a playful story but turned out to be all true shocking reality in the economic capital of Cameroon, West Africa an entire family, a hospital and the entire community were pulverize by a strange though biological correct incident.

The 13 years old student, virgin by name Patricia, is reported to have undergone full term gestation even though she never had sexual intercourse with any man. The National TV, CRTV and other local media like Canal 2 fished out the whole and the striking truth regarding the youngPatricia’s claim.

Patricia had reported odd changes in her organism a few months ago to her parents who mistook it for normal hormonal changes occurring in young teenage girls. The changes became advance and revealing-pregnancy.

The family as well as the newly became teen were in outer shock as they discovered she was pregnant. Patricia’s parent led her to the hospital in central Douala where doctors confirmed her hymen was totally intact, meaning she is still a virgin.

Then how did she get pregnant? A full investigation was launched by the hospital just to discover that Patricia had wiped her private part, vagina with a towel which was recently used by her elder sister’s boyfriend after a sexual intercourse.

Biologically, the most resistant sperm has a life span of 72 hours, enough time to have migrated in to the ovules of the girl. Three quarters of the sperm may die off but a few numbers are always available to complete the process of fertilization. And that’s what landed the young Patricia into her lifetime shock. Whether the parents of the girl will agree to keep the pregnancy or not remains undisclosed.

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