5 Reasons You Should Stay away From Stalking Your Ex On Social Media.

5 reasons you should stop stalking your ex on social media

Stalking on social media seems to be the new trend for millennial everywhere. Post-breakup, there is nothing they love more than hopping in their group texts and sharing screenshots of what their ex is up to now.
In the age of social media, they might turn into internet-addicted zombies, who keep their ex’s pages constantly refreshed for weeks, months, maybe years after the relationship is over; who spend hours sifting through photos from now back to 2003. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat…they all make it so easy for anyone to become a private investigator nowadays. So after a breakup, you may just find yourself sitting in class with the urge to search your ex’s name and see how quickly he/she is moving on. Walking down the memory lane and lurking on your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend’s social media might prove to be harmful to you.
Here are five reasons why you should put down the magnifying glass and stop being a detective.
1. You’ll never move on
Honestly, you’re never going to be truly able to move on until you stop lusting over what isn’t yours. You may say you hate him out loud, but when you can’t stop thinking about someone to the point you need to obsess over their life, you love them. And the reality is you can’t change someone else’s feelings. They’re not yours to change. It’s time to let go for your own sanity. Stop using your energy on something that is not meant to be.
2. It might lead to an affair that ends badly (again)
Before you put on your detective hat and start searching for your ex on Facebook, pause and ask yourself about your motives. Are you just going to satisfy your curiosity and leave it there or are you hoping to see that he is still single so you can reach out to him/her? Normally when you suddenly get the urge to look up an ex-lover on social media, it could be because you’re lonely, unhappy with your life or just plain bored. If that’s the case, it is best to stop yourself.
Of course, it is possible to reconnect with an ex-lover and have a healthy and successful relationship. However, if you and your ex had an on-again, off again relationship and the break-up was messy, trying to reconnect with him will only result in more heartache. If it didn’t work out in the past despite several attempts, it wouldn’t work out now. 
3. Your brain could trick you into thinking you’re still in love with the ex
After seeing all the pictures your ex has posted on Facebook and Instagram, you might find you are still s3xually attracted to him/her. Maybe your ex finally managed to lose weight and has a better haircut and dressing sense. Whatever it is, you could end up believing that your former relationship was better than your current one.
When you see how attractive and happy your ex, looks, your brain can trick you into thinking you’re still in love with him. You will only remember all the good times you both had shared and you could start looking at your old flame through rose tinted glasses. This could happen to those who look up their first love on social media.
4. You will only end up comparing your life to your ex’s
If your ex has a girlfriend or ended up getting married, you will obsessively compare yourself to his partner. Doing this is not going to make you feel any better and clicking on his profile will only lead to a downward spiral. Feelings of jealousy are also going to creep in even if it has been long time since the break-up took place.
5. Embarrassment  
OK, if you took none of that to heart, think about this: How would you feel if you were stalking your ex and he/she finds out? That is just embarrassing. Honestly, think about it. It’s embarrassing. You are peeking into someone else’s life. Just take a minute, and relieve yourself from all of this, and delete, unfollow and unsubscribe from them! It will be better for everything in your life! You are holding on for a reason and spending your efforts stalking his life will never get you to the solution. Nothing in this life is permanent, allow yourself to move on and you will see what I mean.
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