6 Things Every Student Must Do To Keep Healthy In School

Staying healthy should be one of your priorities in life as a student. Many people feel while in school, one can barely keep healthy.

We have carefully listed out some tips you should do to keep healthy in school:

1. Drink Lot Of Water And Reduce Intake Of Sugary Drinks:

The standard recommendation is 8 glasses a day. Be sure to drink more if you exercise. Juice drinks, sports drinks, have a lot of extra sugar, which the body does not need, reduce intake.

2. Eat A Healthy Breakfast Everyday:

Don’t play with breakfast, in fact make it your number one thing in mind, lolz. Breakfast before any daily activity enables you to perform better when engaged during the day. Breakfast which contain at least 3 food groups, gives energy, makes one think better, burn more calories, get more nutrients.

3. Eat More Fruits And Vegetables:

Vitamins is another important thing you should not ignore for healthy living. Fruits and vegetables are, high in vitamins, fiber and minerals, low in fat. Make sure to eat different colours of fruits and vegetable on a daily basis to be strong and healthy.

Make this your number two thing in mind after breakfast, besides fruit and vegetables are cheap, so eat plenty of them.

4. Get Plenty Of Rest:

Rest is the time your body regain strength and recover fitness. Your mind need that rest time to help you solve rising problems. Students who do not get appropriate amount of rest and sleep, usually end up having the following problems, irritability, loss of concentration, increased chances of accident.

5. Decrease Time Spent In Front Of Screen:

The amount of time spent watching TV, playing video games, operating computer and phones should be reduced. It is important to note that, the screen brightness should be reduced when its being operated especially at night.

And also in cases where you are using your computer or phone at night in your room, it is advisable to switch on the light so it could reduce the direct impact of the screen light to your eyes.

6. Exercise Regularly:

At least 20 minutes of exercise daily, be it morning before going out or evening before night rest. But it is advisable to be done in morning. This activity helps to reduce weight, sleep better at night, healthier heart and lungs.

Are you, or was a student and you tried the above listed points, and it positively affected your health and academic race, do well to share your experience on the comment section for other students to learn from it.

Hope This Has Been Able To Help You?

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