Advert Quick Review

You can place your advert on Starzone to reach out to hundred of millions of persons out there.  We advertise your products and services in the most attractive positions  allowing you to achieve the best of publicity.

Our prices are ranging from N100 to  N2,000 daily depending on the size, position and duration of your advert on our site (designing exclusive).

Advert Terms:

Single Price: This is the amount you pay for an advert placed on a specific position.

Random Price: This is the amount you pay when more than one advert is been placed on a specific position, and they all display randomly.

Note: Advert will be automatically removed at the expiration period. Kindly contact for renewal if you wish to extend it further.



Homepage Header Advert

Homepage Advert slot is given much priority and considered as the most attractive slot because it is mostly viewed by 90% of every site visitor before they can navigate to their various specific content pages, thereby making it a most view advert slot.

Price per day: N2,000 (No Random price)


Post Header Advert

Advert in this position attracts the most attention because it appears at the very top of the page on every post on the site, thereby giving more chances of been seen than any other.

Single Price: N2,000 Per day

Random Price: N1,000 Per day.


Top Post Advert

Avert in this position appears just directly below the thumbnail of every post. It also comes before the write up of the post thereby creating a must view scene for a reader before going through the content of any post.

Single Price: N1,000 Per day

Random Price: N500


Bottom Post Advert

This position allows you to advertise your contents at the bottom of every post just after the main contents of the post. This is a vital position for advertisement because a visitor must scroll across the post before downloading any song thereby making your advert content a must read.

Single Price: N1,000 Per/day

Random Price: N500 Per/day


Side Bar Advert

Side Bar Adverts are also considered to be eye catching for the facts that they appear virtually on all pages and on all devices. They create a form of site decorating graphics thereby causing much attraction to site visitors as they surve around the site.

Price: N200 Per day (No Random Price)

Other Music Advert Slots Includes

1. Featured Song Slot

Featured Songs

This advert slot allows your song to remain fixed on the side bar for as long as you desire, giving it the opportunity of been easily acceed by thousands of visitors thereby increasing your chances of more downloads and views.

Price: N200 Per day (For each Song), Only two Slots Available.

2. New Release Advert Slot

New Release Sidebar Advert

This slot is just the perfect site for promoting your newly released songs. It helps to create massive awareness across thousands of daily visitors. With a good graphics artwork you can actually generate more traffic to further enhance your music promotion.

Price: N100 Per day

3. Upcoming Release Advert

Upcoming Release Sidebar Advert

This advert slot helps you to create a good awareness campaign for your yet to be release songs.

Price: N100 Per/day

4. Extras Advert Slot

This is the most preferred position for those who might want to display their personal photos or a piece of information such as current or trending posts.

Price: N100 Per/day

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