Aimers Fest 2023 — Exclusive Photos And Highlight Review

Today I will like to officially congratulate SoulAim for the success of Aimers Fest 2023. I will also like to use this opportunity to throw some words of enlightenment to the young rising Artistes in this space.

I have actually learnt a lot watching SoulAim over the few years we’ve known, I’ve seen him breaking the laws of financial limitations and achieving even beyond the reach of his budgets. I kept asking how he does this.

You all can tell what it takes to organize just a private birthday party within your family members, talk more of hosting a public event in a city like PH at this time of high cost of services in the country.

AIMERS FEST actually turned out beyond expectations, it was indeed a show of craft graced by the best of PH city music stars. It takes beyond just money, but love, respect, value and recognition to honour such a call.

Thank you Port Harcourt for always supporting and showing love to your own in times like this. Let love continue to lead as we look forward to yet another bigger and better FEST comes 2024..Congratulations brother.

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