Am Ready To Marry And Start Up A Family – Nigerian Slay Queen and Actress Cries Out!

Slay Queen and actress Efia Odo has come out to announce her readiness for marriage and to start a fimly of her own.

What is it with marriage that women will even go to the extend of climbing mountains to pray to God to give them a man to marry?

This was the question a follower of Efia Odo had asked which had lead the actress to voice out her reason of getting married.

Actress Efia Odo has made a tweet to express her faith in God concerning marriage saying, “It doesnt matter if you’re single for 3years or just got out from a 5year relationship, if God says you are to marry next month, its very possible because no one can change the timing of God”

A user with the name @renzelYrn had questioned the faith of Efia Odo with a reply where he expressed his worry of why ladies even pray to God to get them a man to marry. He then thereafter advised women not to be eager to get married but to work for money and be financial independent instead.

“Honestly why’s marriage so so important to women ? Why do women even have to pray for God to give them a man to marry ? Like marriage will automatically make y’all happy ? Now to every young women reading this , you don’t “need” to marry ! What you need is financial independence.” – @renzelYrn

Efia Odo reacting to this has made it clear that, she is financially independent and what she looks up next is to get married and to be complete.

We assume Afia Odo is getting married in no time since she believes after a lady becomes financial independent, she has to get married to be complete.

After all the actress has worked hard to earn her daily meal and to be complete, she has to get the right man to be with as a husband.

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