Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Working On Their Relationship Again After Intense Counselling

Just seven weeks ago, that ‘Brangelina’,  stood face-to-face for the first time in ten months. ‘Brad took the first step forward,’ says the couple’s biographer Ian Halperin. ‘Then they collapsed into each other’s arms.’

The stars, safely away from prying eyes at the home of a friend, then went inside for an emotional heart-to-heart .

‘There were a lot of tears,’ Halperin adds. ‘Nothing was left on the table. They had it out, right there and then in this very modest house. In that moment they decided to make a fresh start.
The ‘tough love’ meeting arranged by the couple’s divorce negotiator gave them a chance to talk in the presence of a ‘referee’ who helped them cut through the acrimony and recrimination. 

Their conclusion was that,they still loved each other and wanted to try again. The Mail on Sunday can reveal that they are, in fact, working to ‘consciously re-couple’ and have undergone intensive rehab and spiritual counselling sessions in an effort to start anew.

Halperin says sources within the Brangelina camp have even told him the divorce may still go ahead, but that ‘a piece of paper’ means little to the couple.

‘Angie believes everything started to go wrong after they tied the knot. Their relationship shifted, it became boring. Brad’s drinking escalated. They both had heavy work schedules and they were constantly travelling around as a family. Tensions grew.

They both view divorce as not the worst thing that can happen. It’s only a piece of paper and they feel once the divorce is done, they have a clean sheet and can start their lives anew.’

Indeed, the pair, are ‘sexual dynamite’, according to one source. ‘

That powerful sexual attraction never wavered. Even when they were having the worst fights, they would always kiss and make up. They were happier before marriage. They only married because the kids begged them to. Now they realize what a mistake that was.’

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