Artist Of The Moment – Letter To Double Jay

Double Jay (A Letter To The Iconic Singer)
Indeed there is more in making it to the top than just having a good song and finance.

This Port-Harcourt breed Joseph G People professionally known as Double Jay, is one act who has all it takes to hit the spotlight. From good songs🎧 with resounding lyrical contents to financial💰 buoyancy he possessed them all. Dominated the music scene back in 2014 with his hit track “Bobo Juice”.

After the visual release of the said song Double Jay was on the peck of spotlight, his name and song was vertually on the mouth of almost every household in the entire South South region. Both the media (TV & Radio) could not hold it back slamming his songs back to back.

Although a few controversial issues rocked a part of his musical career which lead to his breakout from his label then to pilot his own brand with several released hit songs and collaborations. Fews years later, he then relocated to Lagos for business and that was when we lost him from the music scene.

Some time last year I was opportuned to witness his performance in an event hosted by Don P somewhere in Port-Harcourt, I saw people the crowed dancing and vibing alongside with him as the song remains evergreen their hearts.

It picks my heart seeing such amazing talents fading away at a time we really need them the most. If you known Double J or knows someone who knows him, tell them he hasn’t lost a single fan and we are still waiting for his return.

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