Don’t You Dare Post My Picture When I Die If You Hate Me – Shan George Warns

Veteran Nigerian Actress Shan George has sent a stern warning to her colleagues who failed to help her during her time of need while alive.

Shan shared a video on her Instagram and lamented the lack of support she has noticed.

The 52-year-old actress also warned those currently hating her not to post her pictures when she dies.

She said:

“The hate wey just dey fly against each other, wanting to eliminate each other, sweep each other. See, if you no dey post my picture now wey I dey alive, wey I dey struggle, wey I dey hustle, wey I dey pray make God bless the hustle of my work. You dey see me pass, you dey show me hate.

“Not even my family, not even children, nobody dey your mind to ever help. When I die you come post my picture, I go wake up and pursue you. No post my picture ooo. If you dey show me hate now, no post my picture when I die.” Shan George warned."
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