[Photos] Fav Franky Gushes Out Her Dubai Base Vixen To Be Featured In Her New Music Video

Come to think of it, the fund used to pull this male vixen from Dubai to Nigeria, can be enough to shoot a clean video by other artists. Now ask yourself why would someone wanna go all that length for a video despite having some good looking guys here, precisely in Port Harcourt.

Now listen up, when you value your career and reputation you will do all it takes to place it on high stake and so comes the respect and value too by others. Remember video quality isn’t all about the camera or gadgets but the content of the video.

At the other hand too, this guy being a big shot has his own connection which would also enhance the publicity of the video. So if you ask me, I think she knows what is best for her and understands the music business much more than we thought. Well, I can’t wait to see the finish product of this amazing project.

Watch out and stay tuned as we bring you more updates on this coming soon visual project titled “WILL YOU MARRY ME” by the Port Harcourt base afro highlife goddess.

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