“Forget The Empty Pride and Hate Let’s Bring Back Hip Hop” — Kashmoney Tells Rappers

“Forget Your Empty Pride, Ego and Hate Let’s Join Forces And Take Over HipHop“ — Kashmoney The Force

Nigerian Hip Hop addicted, rapper Kashmoney TheForce has called for a peaceful collision among rappers on the ground of building a prominence hip hop dominating industry.

The Nigerian rapper also went further stating that HipHop is the only missing genre in the Nigerian music industry and that Lagos has taken over the Afropop music.

He revealed that with peaceful relationships among rappers in his city they can as well resurrect and build a more solid hip hop music industry in the country.

In his word

"Instead of so much empty pride, hate, envy & competitive mentality.
Why don’t you join force with me let’s resurrect & hold down hiphop & build it together. This is the only industry missing out in Niaja. Lagos has taken Afro" 🤔

Below is a screenshot of his post on Facebook


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