Geego: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Geego is an online shopping and logistics company that allows you to buy items through their online mobile app and have it delivered to your location.

Geego also allows shop owners, private dispatch riders and taxi owners to register their businesses and earn from the Geego platform.

The Geego App is a platform that connects a buyer to the right vendors, and dispatch riders that will deliver your items to your desired location all in one app. 

Geego is the latest innovation of the modern world. This is the future of Online shopping, it’s a whole new experience for online shoppers, vendors, dispatch riders as well as taxi drivers.

The Geego App is splited into 3 main apps on Google playstore for a better user friendly experience on the platform. 

1. Geego Riders App:

Allows you to sign up as a dispatch rider or taxi driver and earn over N40,000 weekly.

Download Geego Riders App here

2. Geego Vendors App:

Allows you to sign up as a business owner or market seller and increase your sales over a wide range of customers.

Download Geego Vendors App here

3. Geego Customers App:

Allows you to register and have access to unlimited online shopping experience with delivery services.

Download Geego Customers App here

You can Download all 3 apps on Google playstore and sign up to enjoy all services at the comfort of your home.

Also follow them on all Social media platforms (Twt, Fbk & IG): @geegoofficial

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