Good! Better!! Best!!! Rate Mr Real, Idowest And Slimcase So Far After Their Breakout

The popular maxim, “Consistency is key” is one of the realest statement as far as being a music artiste is concerned in Nigeria.

Every upcoming artistes are praying for the big breakout in the music industry but not many are preparing to stand the pressure of consistency that comes with being blown.

No doubt, Mr RealIdowest and Slimcase are some of the prominent breakout artistes in 2018 owing to the massive acceptance of Shaku-Shaku vibes at that time.

Meanwhile, it’s high-time to examine how these artistes have performed since they got blown.

👉 Who among them is doing really well?

👉 Who among them has hopelessly dropped?

👉 Who is trying and can still do better?

Hey Wait!! Read on before you judge!


He got blown with “Oshozondi“, a song he got featured on. Meanwhile, his contributions on Idowest’s “Shepeteri” also contributed to his massive breakout.

At a time when Shaku-shaku vibes was prominent in the Industry, almost all big artistes who felt the need to tap in the glory of the sound chose Slimcase ahead of other Shaku-Shaku artistes.

Now that shaku-shaku is no longer what it was in the music Industry, Slimcase seems to be nowhere to be found.


All thanks to the song, “Shepeteri” for his big break in the music industry and after some hardwork and show of potentials, Davido deemed him fit to be part of the DMW Gang.

Even though, his first official single “Ji Masun” featuring Davido was near flop due to some production itch, Idowest bounced back really well on his second track “Who“.

Unlike Slimcase, he did not enjoy much big collaboration but it seems that he’s got brighter future ahead in the industry.

Mr Real

When you correlate the story of Seun Egbegbe with the song “Legbegbe” by Mr Real, you will understand how his big break came about.

Since then, Mr Real seems not to be in a rush about his music career dude seems to be working on himself so as to stay longer and stronger in the music game.

If you’ve listened to “Upandan” by Zoro featuring Mr Real and his song “ZZZ” featuring Falz, you will understand that this nigga has been underrated all along.

Now, in your own opinion👇

Good! Better!! Best!!! Rate Mr Real, Idowest And Slimcase So Far After Their Breakout

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