Gthree Mayami Send Message To His Label Boss After Their 5 Years Contract Deal— See Details

Singer Gthree Mayami send message to his boss after 5 years of their contract. Here is what the music star as to say.

In 2019 I started off my Musical Career as a signed artiste in the City of Port Harcourt with No Limit Music owned by Mr Kingsley Anu. I was literally unknown by most persons within and outside this city. I was that underground artiste.

I was brought into the family in the midst of several speculations and doubts from every corner. Alot of person doubted if I’d ever succeed with the Label, some said my sound wasn’t going to penetrate the market.

My first single with No Limit Music ” Motivate” opened me up to so many potentials I had within me..potentials of being a voice to many on the streets and to express their feelings through my music.

It’s been 5 years down the line, with my contract of 5 years successfully completed. I remember so many saying that 5 years was like a prison and it being a bondage to me.

Categorically I can tell you for free that I had the best 5 years of my career, from that unknown artiste to being the Next Rated Artiste at the GMA’s to several multiple awards and with the latest, Best Street Artiste at the 2023 GMA’s. I’ve rocked stages with Big names that I never thought of doing under 5 years, headlined shows and appeared on major billboards all across the length and breath of the City. Had collaborations that I never saw them to be feasible under this short period.

Alot of persons tried to cause problems within and outside between me and my label, but at the end we fought our battles and won.

I am super grateful to my boss Mr Kingsley Anu for picking me up and pushing me thus far…I can’t quantify the level of investment he has personally put into my career. Every single video shoot and airplay across major Radio stations and TV stations all funded by him.

To my Team members who has always stood by me at all times through thick and thin, ensuring they get the best put of me, I’m grateful to you guys. There is more work to do

To every amazing producer I’ve met and worked with, I say thank you for your contributions and massive impact towards my craft.

To my colleagues in the industry and the entertainment community, photographers, videographers, bloggers, publicists, promoters and every one in general, thank you for your immense support and commitment towards me.

Finally to my fans, this year would be a memorable one from the Mayami Brand..and I promise never to disappoint you guys.

In the coming days, details of my next step in my career would be made public from my team and I.

Happy New Year!!!

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