“Help Sotonye Walk Again”…Friends of 400L Uniport Student Who Was Involved In A Ghastly Motorbike Accident Embark On A Fund Raising Campaign

This is the letter as received from the office of the President Joint Christian Campus Fellowship (JCCF) Uniport chapter;
On the strength of the Christian admonition that we bear one another’s burden, I wish to make this appeal to our bowel of mercies.
Sotonye Precious Cookey-Gam, a 400l plant science and biotechnology Student of the University of Port Harcourt and a member of the Student’s Christian Movement Fellowship, a constituent of the Joint Christian Campus Fellowship UNIPORT Chapter was involved in a ghastly motorbike accident which resulted in bruises and a Tibio-fibular fracture of her right leg. She was assessed at the orthopedic unit of the University of PortHarcourt teaching Hospital and recommended for immediate surgery with a risk of having to amputate the right leg on occasion of prolonged delay.
The estimated bill is 743,000 naira out of which the immediate family has raised 200,000 naira leaving a deficit of 543,000 naira.

In my office as the General Coordinator or (President) of the Joint Christian Campus Fellowship and a Friend, I took up this task to raise this money for her.
I intend to give a moment by moment update on how much has been raised so with the permission of the recipient of our love and benevolence, I do submit the account details:
Fidelity bank.
Contact: 07037087442
But alternatively for those who may feel the need for more persuasion, here also is Sotonye’s account details;
Cookeygam Precious Tonye
First Bank
Contact: 07037447011

We have raised over 30,000 naira already and trust God to use you to save her the amputation.
Please, we would appreciate a message sent across to the contacts for every donation made so as to keep the public abreast with the most recent development.
Together, we stand victorious!

P.S : Sotonye’s family are doing their best to work this out. This is purely a humanitarian thrust.

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