How The “African Time” Phenomenon Almost Wrecked Simi’s Concert

To bring her banging year to a close, the Simi announced a headline concert, ‘Simi Live In Lagos’ – a sequel to her 2017 ‘See Me Live’ which held at the Hard Rock cafe spot. Matching her status and complementing her growth, for 2018, Simi went for a concert venue, the 20,000 square feet Balmoral Convention Centre at Federal Palace Hotel that accommodates up to 1,500 people.

For an artiste her calibre, pulling out over a thousand people is a small feat and of course, people showed up en mass to have a good time and see her give everyone a run for their money. Sadly, what transpired at the very highly anticipated Simi Live 2018 was amongst most things, heartbreaking. In the words of a disappointed fan as shared on Twitter, “For everyone that I tried to convince to come for this show that didn’t come, you guys made the right decision. You saved time”.

The event was announced to kick off at 6 pm but by 9 pm, Simi was a no-show. Fans were left stranded at the venue as mic check was being conducted at quarter to nine. More harrowing, fans lamented poor treatment by security agents who reportedly handled regular ticket holders with disregard. See tweets below.

Poor time management is something that is quite popularly synonymous with Africans and this, in fact, birthed the phrase; African time, implying that the African is never on time. Although this is a phenomenon that has been sadly displayed over time in the entertainment sector especially with regards to events, one did not expect to see it on display at a Simi concert. There have been suggestions that the shortcoming may be very well the fault of the organisers but of course, the face of the gathering takes the fall.

Simi, however, took the stage at about 10:30 pm, tendered an unreserved apology, and of course, did the magic!

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