I.A Anthem ~ Kel Chizi (Prod. Kel Chizi)

Just when you think the kido master is done he’s just getting started. Just aftermath of his latest release “Mr project anthem”, kel Chizi has been chosen to represent his people by the biggest socio-cultural group in Ikwere “(I.A “IKwere Alive”) with ” Hon George Abbey” aka “Commander” the CSO of Akpo Kingdom as her Grand Patron because of his love for his people and his quest to better the life of the youths for good and sustainable Growth.
Ikwerre Alive (I. A) is a body where the voice of young Ikwerrians will be heard by the government. Be a part of it, and as usual Kel Chizi will always make us dance with organised beats and ear catching lyrics as he dedicates this one to I. A titled “Ikwerre Alive Anthem”. So go get your hankies as you dance to the sweetener tune..Enjoy it.

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