I’ve Never Fought Over A Man, But Men Fight Over Me – Vera Sidika Brags On Snapchat

Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika took to snapchat to weigh into the social media fight between Floyd Mayweather’s ex, Bad Medina and reality star, Nikki Mudarris who is now dating the American retired boxer
According to curvaceous model, Vera, ‘So Miss Nikki and Bad Medina got beed coz of Floyd Mayweather. lmao these two were friends and now Miss Nikki f*****g Floyd. 
‘Women never seems to amaze me, y’all girls with female friends how do y’all handle that shit.’
 ‘I have never in my life fought over a man but seen men fight over me. Not once, but not physically thou.
‘Verbally going in at each other and this tryna show the other they better than the other and shi like that.’
Vera also blasted women who post their men on social media as a cover up to make people believe they are in a serious relationship and don’t have sponsors.
In another post, she said whoever hacked her old Instagram account will  be shocked to see the Athletes, Politicians, and American rapper slide through her DM.

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