Latest Gist: Most Artistes Are Not Representing The Positive Image Of Music


Do you really think some of our musical artistes are actually portraying music in the positive way?

Today on Starzone Gist Zone, we will be pointing out a few issues why our modern day society is seeing musicians as a threat to our moral standard.

I still wonder why most people think of musicians as touts, drug addicts, nuisance, hoes etc. Truth be told, some of our modern days artistes are currently the very cause of such negative impressions of the music industry in our societies today.

Once you start singing booom, it becomes an opportunity to start wearing rags, start keeping weird dreadlocks and tattoos, and then you normalize smoking & drugs and finally begin to roll with the “red eye” niggas”. The ladies will start going unclad, exposing privates parts and encouraging nudity.

The fact is music requires a certain level of intelligency and reasoning to create. Rappers have been proven to be one of the most intelligent beings on earth. Musicians are peacemakers, goal setters, entertainers filled with love. This is why they are regarded as CELEBRITIES.

Muse: Babarabzy Tijani


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