Let’s Play Game!! If Doctors Placed Your Life On A Penalty Shoot, Mention The Goalkeeper You Trust To Save You?

Hope everyone is doing fine?

The heat in Nigeria can kill somebody 😩😩… If this is how hell fire will be, may God protect me to reach heaven safely.

Speaking of the hot weather, Lets imagine you developed a strange sickness from the harsh weather and you went to the hospital and got a good and bad news:

  •  Good News- The sickness can be cured
  • Bad News- You will need the help of a trusted Football Goalkeeper to save you…If he fails to save, You Will Die!

OMG 😮😮 My life depends on a goalkeeper, i better be making a very very good choice!!!

So Guys 👇👇

If Your Life Is Placed On A Penalty Shoot, Which Goalkeeper Will You Trust To Save You??

MINE: Obviously David Seaman. The former Arsenal goalkeeper is sooo reliable.

What about you?

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