Lofu Hotel To Align With Starzone On Free Musical Promotions For Artistes

The management of Lofu Hotels and Suite located at No.5 Church Avenue Igwuruta Ali Port Harcourt will be officially signing a deal which will be of great benefit to the young and upcoming artistes in the Port Harcourt musical industry.

After the meeting which was held yesterday by both managements, it was revealed that over 80% of upcoming artistes in the musical industry are from the street and self sponsoring and that has actually been a huge challenge towards the improvement and elevation in their career gals. So the management of Lofu Hotel is seeing the need of stepping in and bridging the gap.

The management is also making plans to provide an enabling ground for young artistes to showcase their talents by sponsoring a monthly events which will serve as a means of enhancing their talents and improving their stage performance.

The deal when concluded will cover various areas of musical promotions which include free music blogging, hypes, artworks/graphics, free event hall for shows, free rooms and scenes around the hotel for musical videos, free song recordings sessions, free photo shots, free interview sessions and so on. All these will be exclusively for Port Harcourt base artistes.

The deal is yet to be concluded but is expected to be sealed by the end of this month and more will be passed to across the general public via their official social media pages (Fbk, twt & IG) @lofuhotelsandsuite.. Stay with us as we bring you more updates.

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