#LORD_FORGIVE_ME_PART_2 (By Chimeziem Innocent Precious aka Rap Minister)

(By Chimeziem Innocent Precious aka Rap Minister)
Lord forgive me for doubting Jesus
For wondering if you even exist sometimes and not believing
For acting too busy like its no time for reading

Then hopping on the Xbox for the entire evening
For cursing your name in conversation
For every sick thought that ever cross my brain while I was praying
Forgive me for falling asleep in church
Then getting a sudden burst of energy as soon as I leave the church
Forgive me for sitting in traffic and complaining
Instead of praying for people involved in the accident
For turning the little homies into riders for me
Forgive me for letting Eve sale her body for me
And forgive me for everytime that i played the bully
And did somebody wrong because i knew they couldn’t whoop me
Forgive me for praying for different stuff
And getting mad and losing faith because it ain’t happening quick enough

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