[MADNESS OR TRENDY]!! Nigerian Girl Caused Commotion With Her Birthday Nude Photos..Says ‘I Told You All To Expect The Worse This Year!’

Meet the Nigerian lady who recently created chaos on the internet by sharing her nude photos on facebook on her 28th birthday.
The young lady identified by her facebook name as Nelly Jose Mourinho Sylva, took to her Facebook timeline as she shared her nude photos.. And wrote;
“I told you to expect worse this year, didn’t I!? Oh well here we are, it’s my birthday and it’s within my jurisdiction to #CauseChaos #TensionTheInternet…Note: If it’s against your faith or whatever you believe in, jus waka pass and don’t be unfortunate!..”
The photos which has created mixed reactions and have received various comments from the public, while leaving several still wondering if this delusion is an act of madness or trendy.

Please can someone just call her mum now!!!!!!!

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…Below is a Screenshot of her post

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