Must You Relocate To Lagos To Blow? – Sirwhite Advises Artists As He Shares His Experiences With Segz Records

Must I Relocate To Lagos To Blow? – This is a question that runs through the mind of ever upcoming entertainer especially artists. Well, this is what Sirwhite the CEO of Starzone Nigeria has to say as he shares his experience during a visit to Segz Records, a Port Harcourt base music label.

There’s no doubt Lagos has been crowned as the King and heart beat of Entertainment City as far as Nigeria is concerned and if am not mistaken in African as a whole. Indeed the best of African entertainment heads such as actors/actress, comedians, musicians, producers, video directors etc. are all based in Lagos making the city the very best of what it is today in Africa and the world.So ideally, Lagos provides more enabling opportunities to hook up with these men when you’re closer to them.

The truth remains its practically impossible for everyone to run to Lagos and that’s due to the high rate of logistics. As an upcoming Artist, try to build yourself at home and attain some level of recognition with home base fan base before leaving your comfort zone (if needs be). So sad I still know a handful of artists who were doing better at home, later relocated to Lagos and ended their career. Remember your comfort zone is meant to be the best possible place to make it big, DON’T leave it and be heading to another person’s comfort zone just to feel among, you might not make it back alive.

My visit to Segz Records revealed there are lots of opportunities around us but we’re so much naive to neglecting them thereby missing out a lot in from our environment. With the very best of musical equipment and gadgets in a magnificent office building, this Port-Harcourt base music label (Segz Records) has been watching out for the very best of talents.

I’m sure there are also others out there, show them what you have and give them the reason to believe in you.Every entertainer (Artist) is destined for greatness, learn to value the people around you because anyone can be your helper in disguise. Support your colleagues even if they don’t return the favour, only God rewards..Las Las we go still collect.

Sirwhite (CEO Starzone Nigeria)

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