Naija Celebrity Cup Is Giving Out A Whooping N800,000 Cash Prizes In The Naija Celebrity Online Challenge

The Naija Celebrity Cup (NCC) is a unifying sporting event initiated by D-Grace International Sports Consult Limited. It was created with the main goal of fostering and enhancing youth empowerment, fun and peace & unity in Nigeria by bringing celebrities from four major industries in Nigeria to compete in 8 (eight) sporting events. The general public is not left out either as they will also participate in challenges and games to win outstanding prizes.

The Nigerian celebrities will explore their potentials by identifying their skills and talents through sports, to understanding the need for sustainable peace and empowerment towards the grassroots development in Nigeria. Our time is now for everyone to step up action for the sustainable tomorrow of our continent.
Sports for sustainability is the only strong tower to hold during wars and in the era of violence, school dropouts, teenage pregnancies, drug abuse, family disintegration, parent/child relationship and the sustainable growth of Africa. Bringing these issues to the fore in the minds of our celebrities is the underlying strength of Naija Celebrity Cup in Nigeria’s change agenda.
The Naija Celebrity Cup (NCC) is scheduled to hold between Thursday, December 7th, and Tuesday, December 12th, 2017.
The 8 (eight) sporting events that will take place at this prestigious tournament include:
·                 Football
·                 Basketball
·                 Track & field
·                 Volleyball
·                 Badminton
·                 Table tennis
·                 Lawn Tennis
·                 Boxing
The 4 (four) major industries from which celebrities will be participating include:
·                 Sports
·                 Music
·                 Comedy
·                 Nollywood
The maiden edition of The Naija Celebrity Cup will commence with an opening ceremony with our celebrities, peace ambassadors and other dignitaries in Nigeria. We will host all the Celebrity participants, Governors, Ministers, Commissioners, Sport Consultants, Corporate Bodies and other Guest Speakers to network with industry leaders and discuss latest development on sports in investment during the opening ceremony in Lagos, Nigeria.

Naija Celebrity Cup Fans Challenge:
The Naija Celebrity Cup Fans Challenge is an opportunity for fans to partake actively in the event. Please note that this challenge will hold in different stages and categories and each challenge will be time-based.
The categories to be featured include:
·                 Sports [September Challenge]
·                 Music [October Challenge]
·                 Comedy [November Challenge]
·                 Movies (Nollywood) [December challenge]
The first Category for the Naija Celebrity Cup (NCC) challenge will be the sports category and only 3 sporting events will be featured, namely:
·                 Football
·                 Table tennis
·                 Basketball.
·         Contestants are required to upload a one minute video on their Instagram page, showing a particular skill in any of the above-listed sporting events.
·         This video should also entail a short Introduction using the following format:
·         “Hi, I am [Your name] and I am contesting in the Naija Celebrity Cup Challenge”.
·         This video should be uploaded with the hashtag (#)
·         For Football, use #IlovefootballNCCCHALLENGE
·         For Basketball, use #IloveBballNCCCHALLENGE
·         For Table tennis, use #IloveTtennisNCCCHALLENGE
·         N/B: Participants are to promote their videos as selection will be done based on the highest likes.
Terms and Conditions:
In order to ensure fairness in the spirit of good sportsmanship, the following terms and conditions apply to the Naija Celebrity Cup Challenge.
·              Kindly note that the challenge is conducted stage by stage and each stage is time based; therefore, entries have a closing date and challenges have an expiry date.
·              Winners of each stage are picked strictly on the basis of the highest likes.
·              It is imperative to exhibit the spirit of good sportsmanship as any form of actions that show otherwise will attract immediate disqualification.
·              Staff and their relatives are not permitted to participate in this challenge.
·              The prices for this challenge include 1st prize – N100, 000 Second prize – N70, 000, Third prize – N30, 000.
·              ONLY NIGERIANS are eligible to participate in this contest as it is a youth empowerment initiative for the nation.
·              This challenge is open to both male and female contestants.
Duration for each stage:
There are different stages of this Challenge, just like we have in Football; there is the group stage, a semi-final stage, a quarter final stage and a finals stage.

To this end, the time frame for each stage is as follows:
Stage 1: Qualification stage (Submission of videos)
Time Span: (Friday, August 25th – Friday, September 8th).
Stage 2: Group stage
[8 contestants with the highest views and likes will be chosen and given a new task].
Time Span: (Friday, September 8th – Friday, September 15th).
Stage 3: Quarter Finals
[4 contestants of the initially chosen 8 contestants with the highest views and likes will be chosen and given a new task].
Time Span: (Friday, September 15th – Friday, September 22nd).
Stage 4: Finals
[2 Finalist with the highest views and likes will be chosen and given the final task as they go head to head].
Friday, September 22nd – Friday, September 29th).
The winner will be announced on the 30th of September.
This challenge is purely for the purpose of unifying the nation in the spirit of good sportsmanship, therefore everyone is a winner.
For more details, click here or call 08030991988

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