[Owerri Crisis] Demolition Of Owerri Market Led To My Grandma’s Death- Kelly Hansome

Kelly Hansome is so bitter and has taken to instagram to pour out his mind after claiming he lost his grandmom over the demolition of Owerri market. 

What he wrote;

“My Grandmother died from complications that developed after her blood pressure went up following the news of killings and destruction of the Eke Ukwu Market in Owerri. The fear created by the chaos and lives lost by the shootings raised her blood pressure too high and this eventually resulted to a heart attack which the doctors tried to manage to no avail. Now she’s gone, never to return. 

What have I done to deserve this? So this (is) what I get in return from the Imo State Government? Nnu emena. To all those that have lost their loved ones or valuables or even both, please take heart. My comfort lies in one unchangeable fact – NA GOD GET POWER. Till we meet again Mmakuku, rest in peace.”

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