Photos: Legendary Nigerian Singer Sade Adu’s Transgender Daughter Undergoes Successful Breast-Removal Surgery

Iconic singer, Sade Adu’s son has had his major surgery which he says enables him to wear clothes which he couldn’t wear before. He shared new photos on his Instagram page and captioned it; “So many tops I can wear now that I couldn’t before my surgery ? so happs!!” See another photo and some reactions below
Esesam_richard remove breast imagine, as a last born I know the value of breast lol..may God help you
rukkyjibCHAI! see life…and my breast is my favorite part of ma body…this fine aunty go cut her own commotoma seo..

paulscataAt the END OF THE DAY it’s SADE ADU’s life not ours …so all you Hypocrites should save your sermon for the last day !

@nzubejunior lolllllll. Ignorance is bliss. But try. Read up. Google it. Research. Find out. Ask…Then make an informed decision. Then and then alone can you condenm or speak on the issue. Please!!!
@ninavee7925 actually its someone who is confused that would go and read up on why a human being would medically want to change their gender. there are more interesting reads.

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