[PHOTOS] Magnificent Sculptures By YabaTech Students..Click For More Details

Below are the amazing Art works from YEBATECH..All done by students of same University.

I call that one “Nigerian man, sick of waiting on late Nigerians”

Next: I call this one SPARTA

Next: I call this one: Obey your thirst.
Entire structure is made of plastic bottles. So many of these should decorate art galleries

Next: I’m calling this one “Dinner Time”

Made entirely of Spoons and Forks..Yummm

Next: I’ll call this one “Shola the Baller” for obvious reasons

Next: I’ll call this one…. Mr. Party Animal. Cuz he’s got the moves like Jagger

Next: Sistah Soulajh with the braids made of chains. 😍

Next: Mr JagunJagun aka Warrior

Next: calling this scene “A day at the Carnival” The red guy looks like a violinist on some Kinda tricycle… Thing. Lol. #FakeArtCritic

Next: “Le Plumber”
I remember these guys growing up, walking through the the streets with water in the rectangule gourd.

Next: I call this : Mr Mind Prisoner.

Final one: Reflects my frustration with the whole scene.Here is some amazing work, by mere students, laying on the floor, in the rain.. sun

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