Photos & Video: See How Nigerian Man Committed Suicide By Jumping To His Death After He Was Asked To Leave The Refugee Camp In Italy

We have received a video of a Nigerian man who committed suicide by jumping off a 2-storey building after he was asked to go leave a refugee camp in Italy.

The video is very Graphic…and we mean very graphic. Details are quite sketchy right now, but we’d bring you more on this soon.
See some reactions below;
  • NElly Wali Our leaders should see what desperation has turned Nigerians to abroad. All news concerning Nigerians abroad are negative , even the govt too all the news concerning Nigerian govt is either looting or bribery. The green white green has lost all its respect because of greed. But for this guy to have chosen this option you can now see he has decided to be a refugee rather than coming back to Nigeria. Please our leaders kindly give this scene a real thought and ask yourself why and what should make a Nigerian youth to chose suicide over being brought back to his father’s land????? I may sound emotional but its the fact.

  • Sunday Sydney King Don’t blame him for whatever reason. I would have done same if not for one reason or the other. I have been rejected thrice by the Italian gvt and I have been long driven out of the camp with the sanction of being deported.even as am living a risky life over here knowing well that I might be deported at anytime when controlled by their police, but am still here praying and hoping for GOD to grant my request in order for me to live freely. Never will I kill myself because I know that GOD will never forsake me.R.I.P bro

  • Ovie Deltaboi a downfall of a man is not the end of his life it depends were the man fell from,if the man want to know what ending is all about make the man go climb 24 story building yabaleft go jst put am for news the man fell and he died……. pls like my page and laugh away your sorrow

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