American Base Gospel Singer, Plaririe Announces The Release Of Two New Singles

Placid Chidozie Nwokorie is a Nigrian born US National, a loving father and husband professionally known as Plaririe. The American base multi-talented Singer, Songwriter, Actor and Author is a graduate of of the University of Port Harcourt.

He started singing at a very tender age, inspired by his father who is a choir master and Catechist in a local Church. His genre of music includes Gospel/Christian, World, Urban and Contemporary Gospel. He has also released a couple of songs such as “Jehovah Onye Akaebem”, Chile, “Love Bells”.

In his word;

“I got the inspiration of singing from my dad I think. As I approached rebellious age with youthful exuberance, I tried to play and sing pop songs but my dad would have none of it and I have not been born again then. So being the son of a catechist and choir master singing pop is considered immoral. I owe huge thank you to my parents who steered my life to a saved born again child of God. The inspiration flowed and retained itself until I was really ready to praise Him who made Heaven and earth and all that is in it in songs”.

Crrently he’s about to release amazing two new singles titled “Thy Will Be Done Oh Lord” and “Anchor To God“. As an author, Plaririe has also written a couple of books such as “Tragedy Of A Wish”, “Nigeria Dream”, “Deer & Rabbit”.

Anticipate for his latest songs as it drops soon on all digital stores worldwide 🌍 🔥

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