Starzone Gist: Which Rapper Do You Think Is The Heir To The Rap Throne In The Port Hracourt Music Industry?

Hello Guys,

Scanning through a long age in the PH City music Industry, the Rap genre to be precise, there has been a rift on who should be the King of Rap.

Several dope or wack, Posh or Local, International or Indigenous rappers has declared themselves to be the King of Rap, some were accepted by Rap music fans, while some were abashed cause they ain’t even worth it.

Rappers worthy of being the King of Rap music range from rappers like Dr. Barz, Ajebo Hustlers, Rif Tha Warrior and some others.

But looking aside this caliber of rappers mentioned above, I still doubt if their is any budding rappers that can take over the Mantle of this Rap Game. 😣

I’m scared we might loose Rap music in the nearest future of Port Harcourt music Industry, Who is worthy of holding it on for Us? No rapper is even coming to my head yet😣😣

It’s pertinent we have an heir to the throne in this Rap Kingdom ooo. Looking at the other Pop music Genre kingdom, after King Duncan Mighty and Mr. 2Kay, there are other several singers we can sure crown after they retire.

Even before Wizkid and Davido Era, we have King 2FaceKing D’BanjKing 9ice and other Kings to mention a few.

Well maybe it’s me that’s not seeing afar sha! I believe you Starzonestars (fans) understand the nooks and cranny of this Industry, you know who is who and Who is not.

Now, I will need you to help me with an Answer to this Brain disturbing Question.

So Guys 👇

Which Rapper Do You Think Is The Heir To The Rap Throne In The Port Harcourt Music Industry?

Drop your own heir to the throne in the comment box.

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