VIDEO: Teni Live In Buguma Incident — The True Story By Roy Clintson

In due to the recent news circulating the social media space concerning the kidnap attempt on Nigerian singer Teni at the just concluded Teni Live In Buguma concert in Rivers State.

Here is the actual true Story of what really went down as narrated by popular social media expert, Roy Clintson aka #TheCommissioner.

In his words:


Ok, so we all woke up to trending news about an event that was held in Buguma community of Rivers State that hosted Nigerian singer Teni.

According to the "unconfirmed" reports it was stated that the singer was attacked on stage, and was almost kidnapped. Another report also stated that some persons (children of the organiser) were kidnapped.

Well, I love getting my facts right. So, I did my little search online to see who actually attended the event, and is still in Buguma currently. I found someone, track him down till I get his number, put a call through, and here we have the "TRUE STORY" of what went down, how it happened, where it happened, when and why it happened. 

From my source: 

1. The concert was actually a smooth ride before the incident
2. Teni wasn't attacked or confronted. She was highly received, and hosted like the star that she is
3. There was no kidnap attempt on anyone 
4. The comotion was a clash between two rival cult groups that was going on at the backstage. It was when a bottle that was thrown mistakenly hit the stage, and Teni had to take cover that things went soar. 
5. The gunshots were from Teni's security personnels, and the police. And it was their gunshots that initiated the stampede
6. Nobody died, neither was anyone rushed to the hospital. Only minor injuries were sustained.
7. Some of the culprits have been apprehended, and there is peace in Buguma. They even have more parties, and events going on.

WATCH THE VIDEO, AND LISTEN TO THE AUDIO for more clarification.

Thank you!
As Reported by Roy Clintson, #thecommissionerofportharcourt
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