The Mishai: Online TV Series

MISHAI THE SERIES is an online/TV Entertainment Series brought to the viewers by House Of Krest.

Created by Newman Chinda aka Newmanny and Co created by Mr. Otaben Onajite Michael and Princewill Dokubo Ovie.

Mishai The Series is centred on Alex who happens to be a graduate that sells Mishai, a fast food that is patronised mainly by the common class.

Alex the Mishai Seller

His Mishai spot happens to be a solution and relaxation spot as well, as it houses MOG, a failed and hustling road side Pastor, Prof. Long John, a University drop out who carries him self as a pastor, Carlos, a lazy Nigerian youth who dreams of sudden wealth without hard work and Berry, an official runs girl with lots of gist all the time.

The Mishai TV Series Crew hangout

The Comedy is out of the world, the message imbedded in this content is a message for all.

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The Mishai TV Series main Characters

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