The World’s Longest Car With a Pool and a Helicopter Landing Pad

It is 30.5m in length and has 26 wheels.

The “American Dream” is the longest limousine ever. It was made by Jay Ohrberg, the famous American auto designer and collector in middle 1990s. This car was certificated as the world’s longest vehicle by the Guinness World Records.

World’s Longest Car The Limousine

The “American Dream” features a swimming pool, a massive waterbed and a diving board. It is also set to have two driver cabins. The one at the back is used to control and navigate the rear wheels as reversing or turning the car. The limo comes with a Jacuzzi and helipad at its rear end.

the “American Dream”

the “American Dream”

the “American Dream”

the “American Dream”

the “American Dream”

The “American Dream” car is 30.5m in length and has 26 wheels

It has a hinge in the middle which enables the limo to be drivable around corners. However, did it actually work? The car’s always seen being carried on a truck from location to location.

Unfortunately, the famous limo then was sold to a firm and used as a promotion car. It was said to be eventually abandoned in a storehouse.

In 2012, the “American Dream” was spotted at a salvage auction and needed serious fixing and renovating. Its body parts were rusted and damaged, the windows were broken and the Jacuzzi was corroded. It takes time and costs a lot for repairing or remodeling the limo, so no one wanted to purchase it.

the abandoned “American Dream”

The famous limo was said to be abandoned in a storehouse

In 2014, the New York’s Automotive Teaching Museum acquired this “American Dream” and used it to teach their students about customizing, designing and fixing vehicles. We hope that the massive limo will be restored to its original glory.

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