Who Is Your Boss? A Music Success Tip — Gthree Mayami and Boss In Focus

(A Must Read For Every Artist)

You see for this entertainment (music) industry, if you happen to find a boss who truly love you like a son/daughter and not seeing you as a tool for profit yield despite being the primary concern of the business/contract deal then your growth is definitely unlimited.

Have you ever wondered why Gthree Mayami has been so successful in his musical career. Dude was signed without a car or big house but got his first key🚘 some time last year and this year he added another bigger whip in the garage as he sealed off his final days in the University with flying colors and still having his career growing in the fast lane.

Trust me when your boss is at peace with you, everything around you turns out for your own good. Forfeit your materialist urge for luxury and focus on the boss who can understands your passion and is willing make your vision reality. Learn to be genuinely loyal, humble and respectful. No go dey do see finish for your boss E get why..God bless No Limit 🙏

Sirwhite Amaele (CEO Starzoneblog)

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