Woman Dies Three Days After Giving Birth To A Set Of Twins In Abuja


A woman has died in Kabusa, Abuja three days after giving birth to a set of twins. Emmanuel Eche-Ofun John, who met the deceased’s husband Francis Udaagu, at a Radio station shared the story on Facebook:
“I struggled to hold back my tears. The sight was just pitiable. I wanted to ask God ‘why’, but He’s Omnipotent and Omniscience, the All-Knowing, no one questions Him. This is a set of twins borne on the 19th of this month (August) here in Abuja. Kabusa precisely. Their arrival brought joy and happiness to the family. Calls were put across to families and friends, and the joy knew no bound. Mother and twins were all in perfect health.
Then, on the 22nd, three days after the delivery, the mother complained of chest pain. The doctor assured them that she would be fine, that it was a ‘recovery process’. Then her breathing began to sieze. Then she died!!
Yes, the mother of these beautiful twins you see here is lying cold in the mortuary as you read this. Stone dead! Ohhh, what a world!!
I stumbled on the father and the woman who’s helping to take care of the little princesses at the premises of a Radio Station, where they went to beg for an airtime to beg the public for assistance to intervene in the sorry situation; to raise funds for the upkeep of the kids and the woman’s burial, which comes up on Monday, the 4th of September.

Hmmm. God!! I took these pictures, collected the man’s account number and his phone number, and promised to help to tell the world his story in my own little way, pending when the radio station gives them audience. I have never been so touched like I am about these innocent children.
Please my dear friends, help this man, atleast for the sake of the lovely children. Let’s give them life. Let’s fill the vacumm created by their mother’s death through our ‘widow’s mite’. The poor man is spending an average of N10,000 weekly for the babies food, diapers and other things. The truth is that he can’t sustain that cost. As for the woman’s burial, she will be taken home to Crossriver state on Monday.

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