Artist Of The Moment – Sami Sparks Alerts On A New Single As He Stuns In New Photos

Port Harcourt base act Sami Sparks is an International Gospel Music Maker, a man created great yet appears calm and jovial. He strongly believes that his destiny lies with God and no one can thwart it, which is why he choosed to live a simple, easy and moderate lifestyle.

In His Word:

What The Almighty God does is always perfect, and beautiful according to His riches in glory, and you cannot help God; the ways of God are not the ways of man, that is why He is always quite Amazing and Wonderful in His ways.

I was born in Mid 80’s, and like Jesus Christ i grew, just like other children. At the age of 8 years i join “the Senior choir” in the church of my local assembly, and at the age of 12 years i became an Assistant Choir Master in the local assembly. I actually can’t remember being a member of any junior choir . As God has it, i became the first Music Maker and the Keyboard/Musical Trainer in my local assembly, yet not have i ever been trained. Though I’m not much gifted in the area of instrumentation but I am a wonderful Song Writer, Music maker and Director.

I love Soft rock, contemporal and Highly technical Music, and with my deep rooted Christian up bringing, i utterly resolved to be glorifying God with what I have grown up to realize as my Talent and Passion by doing quality gospel music, by which medium, the Gospel of Jesus Christ might be spread to the ends of the world.

In the domestic squares my Inspirations and Roll models include Frank Edwards, Sinach, Ada Ehi, etc ; and on the Foreign scene Don Moen, Micah Stamply, Donnie Mac Lucklin, etc.

My mission is to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ heard over the whole world with refreshing touch of ease and entertainment.

My vision is to become one of the greatest and most prominent Gospel Music Ministers, that is encased with the grace of wielding men for God, and winning souls to the kingdom of the Light.

I thank God for taking me and my Ministry thus far and crowning all our efforts with fulfillment and progress according to purpose.

So far I’ve done an 8 tracker Album “STRONG AND MIGHTY” and numerous singles including, Hosanna, Worthy-worthy, His grace, Shout, Stronger, etc.

I believe in the ultimate Will of God, yet i pray for His favor and mercy; and i always long to know and love him more.

His latest single titled “STRONGER” will be dropping this week..Anticipate it.

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