You can promote on Starzone platform in 3 ways:

1. As a Pro-member

2. As a Promoter and

3. As a Regular

See full Details below

As a Pro-Member:

A Pro-Member is a registered member of Starzone. This allows you to fully enjoy the complete benefit of our services such as;

a. 50% discount on all our services such as blogging of songs, press release, hypes, artwork designs  etc.

b. Free slots on every show sponsored by Starzone

c. Free Venues for hosting your shows/events

d. Free ticket on every Starzone sponsored shows and events

e. Free anticipations  of your songs on all our social media pages.

f. 200 shares and above on every song you drop/release on your platform.

As a Promoter

As a prompter we offer 30% discount from 1 – 10 jobs (including songs and press release).

Note: The higher the number of  jobs at a time the higher the percentage.

As a Regular

All regular members pay the normal affordable charges with 50 shares on our Facebook social media page and other minor benefits.

All songs/jobs can be forwarded to us directly via:

[icon name=”whatsapp” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] 08070915270

Email: [email protected]

Thank you.