Buju Banton Released From Prison, Touched Down In Jamaica

Buju Banton has finally been released from prison after eight years at the McRae Correctional institution.

The 45-year old entertainer, whose given name is Mark Myrie, was let out earlier today (December 7), Hype Life Magazine understands.

Buju Banton’s initial release date was February 2019, but was later revised to December 8, 2018.

The United States Bureau of Prisons updated its website overnight and changed his release date from December 8, 2018 to “UNKNOWN.”

Fans of the entertainer reportedly flocked the main entrance of Norman Manley International Airport where Buju Banton touched down. He was processed by immigration before exiting at an undisclosed section of the airport.

Several online users have since took to social media to share snaps of the “Destiny” singer as he arrived in his homeland.

Buju Banton recently released a statement making it very clear that his main focus upon his release is his music.

“In light of the adversity I have encountered, I feel the need to stress that my only desire going forward is peace and love. I only want to be associated with my craft. Having survived, I want to share the good news and strength of my music. I just want to continue making music, which I’ve devoted my life to. I look forward to the opportunity to say a personal thanks to my fans and everyone who supported me,” Buju expressed.

Buju Banton was arrested in December 2009 after he was met by a convicted drug trafficker on a flight from Spain who planned to set up a cocaine deal for him. After his conviction of drug trafficking in February 2011, the Reggae icon was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Federal prosecutors required two trials to convict the Jamaican musician, who was targeted and pursued by an undercover federal informant for more than a year. The Grammy award-winning entertainer was convicted of drug trafficking on February 22, 2011 in Tampa, Florida, 12 days after the retrial of his case began.

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