FOOTBALL FANS! Mention The 2 Players That Can Come From The Bench To Win A Match For Your Team!

See lets be honest, football is a complex game.

A manager can bang on and on about tactics and motivation, but the real football is done on the pitch.

Every football team has a Plan A till fate f*** them!

Change is constant. So when everything goes AWOL, You must now look to a possible Plan B & C which you can call the IMPACT SUB Players.

These are the guys you can trust 9/10 times when the going gets tough. When you need to win a football match. When you need an urgent goal.

There are so many of them, So Guys 👇👇

Tell Us The 2 Players You Will Call From The Bench To Win A Match If You Were A Manager

MINE: Fellaini & Mata….Tall & Short; complete package…They can get you goals almost immediately if you put them on

Drop yours below

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