SAD: Another Life, An Orphan Cut Down By Police Recklessness In Port Harcourt – Rivers State

According to a Facebook user by name Nkabari Bright who shared the post with us.

Mr. Nkpara Noble NWI-EEZOR’s life was cut short this morning on his way to begin his daily hustle at Rumuokoro Market, where he operates a grinding business.

According to information available to me, there has been unrest along the Rumuokoro/Rumuodumaya axis of Port Harcourt due to the cold blooded murder of a keke Napep driver by a trigger happy police officer over N100 roger.

Colleagues of the dead keke driver, who had earlier carried his corpse in protest to the Police Area Command ; were on rampage. The police, in a bid to disperse the riot, started shooting recklessly.

Mr. Nkpara Noble NWI-EEZOR was hit by a stray bullet in the process.

Mr. Nkpara Noble NWI-EEZOR hails from Luusue Sogho in Khana Local Government Area. He was an orphan, struggling to make it in life but the Police ensured that never happened.

Farewell, Bro.

Find rest from the troubles of this world.






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